Moebius strip graphic from 'Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics', the web's most extensive Mathematics resource. A free service for the mathematical community provided by Wolfram Research

LiveGraphics3D, a non-commercial Java 1.1 applet by Martin Kraus, Purdue University, Indiana

Programming/Teaching: Alexandra Bialas

English Translation: Sabine Melchert

Initiating: Ulrike Bergermann, Andrea Sick Frauen.Kultur.Labor thealit, Bremen
"HAND. Medium¬Körper¬Technik",
Elke Jensen, Künstlerinnenhof die Höge

your action moebius strip's reaction
dragging & left mouse button pressed
slow / fast

rotating about an axis in the picture
slow / fast

releasing left mouse button & dragging within moebius strip's region
slow / fast
auto-spinning about an axis in the picture

slow / fast
SHIFT key pressed & vertical dragging
up / down

in / out
SHIFT key pressed & horizontal dragging rotating about an axis perpendicular to the picture
CONTROL key pressed & vertical dragging changing focal length
COMMAND key (or META / ALT key on some systems) pressed & vertical dragging down / up stripping / restoring parts of the moebius strip
"s" key toggling between single picture, stereo pictures for diverge fusing or cross fusing

Claudia Reiche
Hamburger Berg 22
20359 Hamburg

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